Teqball was invented by Gabor Borsanyi and Viktor Huszar, two very different characters, two very close friends, brought together by fate while facing a common obstacle. Gabor was born in 1977. He is the father of two beautiful girls, a former professional football player, who retired at the age of 24 and established his own creative event organising agency. He stopped football because it became too aggressive for him and he didn’t want to risk any serious injury. However, football was an everlasting love so he came up with the original idea of Teqball, the cleanest type of football in the history of the game. Gabor is the creative force of the Teq team.

On the other hand, Viktor is a football loving computer scientist, who put science behind the Teqball project. His original idea was the Teqbox, which uses the most advanced technologies to objectively measure the skills of any football player. Currently, he is also the president of the Sport Club of the Budapest University of Technology & Economics. Their lifetime creation is Teqball & Teqbox, which is a support equipment to football. It brings real football to people's homes, which can be played anytime & anywhere, indoor & outdoor. Teqball is simply fun for everyone regardless of age and gender.

As a consequence, a simply genius, NEW sport was brought into life. Their dream is that one day Teqball will be an Olympic Sport. Teqball & Teqbox have world-wide intellectual property patent protection and are registered trademarks. The official rules and all written material regarding Teqball are copyright protected.



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