Ronaldinho the Global ambassador of teqball


Teqball is a special table created mostly to be played with a soccer ball. It is a mixture of soccer and table tennis. Even the rules absorb both sports aiming soccer clubs and famous soccer players. There must be something special about this table if one of the most technically qualified players in soccer history declares that it is great to develop skills. It helps to mature technique, concentration and stamina. Everything you need to play flawlessly out on the field. Everybody thought that soccer is about scoring, but this amazing table contradicts this philosophy and proves that it is about technique, control and accuracy. So yes, we can say: this should prove the Spanish, Portuguese and South-Americans right. It should be easy for them to play on the table. Basically Teqball is a sport that makes soccer even more enjoyable and easier to play. No wonder that it’s attracted the attention of world class soccer phenomenon Ronaldinho.

He gave his name to the innovative, dynamic and eye-catching table Teqball. This special partnership between the company and the sportsman speaks for itself. Only the most skilled player could be the global ambassador of a training tool, which demands so many, highly developed soccer skills. What really makes this table special is the curve of it, which makes it more soccer-like. As the ball touches the surface it accelerates and goes directly toward your feet. This way it forces you to use them. In tennis, because of the flat surface, the ball goes upwards but it wouldn't be of use to a soccer player kicking the ball in the air. The curvature corrects this 'mistake' giving Teqball an amazing twist.


Many clubs saw a great opportunity in this product. As it is declared in the video above, it could be used to train, rehabilitate and to simply develop young players. One of the first teams to engage trainings in this new fashioned manner was Southampton. The Koeman brothers saw the innovative possibility so they even took their method to Everton, after signing there. There's also Manchester City, Apoel FC from Cyprus and the list is still growing as teams discover the advantages of Teqboard. It’s for both amateurs and professionals and guaranteed that once you try it, you can't and won’t stop, because it's that addictive.


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