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How do you play Teqball?

Teqball is played with the same ball as normal football, preferably with a FIFA size 5 ball. The rules of the game are very simple, please watch the rules video for the details and read the official rules of the game description. The most basic rules are as follows:

  • Maximum 3 touches of the ball, but can be 1 or 2 touches

  • Forbidden to touch opponent or the equipment

  • Not allowed to use the same body part twice in a row

  • A player cannot return the ball more than twice successively with the same body part within a play (Note: The serve is not considered a return of the ball.)

Teqball can be played by 2 (singles) or 4 (doubles) or more (round) players. If you play doubles, there must be a pass between the 2 players and the number of touches still can't exceed 3.

As Teqball does not want to limit any player, you can develop your own rules and play the way you like. Check out some of our suggestions for alternative uses of Teqball.

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