The Teqboard is a sporting equipment, which has been empirically tested and all of its dimensions were calculated scientifically for more than 2 years. The design of the Teqboard is theoretically developed applying the rules of mathematics and physics that enable a ball to bounce off of all parts of the board so that it can be reached and controlled in all cases. The net is made of polycarbonate/plexiglass, which ensures that the ball bounces off of it in a fair manner. This feature makes Teqball a fair and spectacular game at all times.

The design of the Teqboard ensures that no luck is involved in Teqball, but only skill. The Teqboard itself is designed to be very stable with solid legs in all its types, with many additional features. Despite the fact that during a standard game one cannot touch the Teqboard, it is still designed to withstand a great amount of pressure by which making the Teqboard a durable and safe product.

The Teqboard is under international patent and copyright protection.

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